22 February 2009

About Robin Johnson's Economics Web Site

Robin Johnson´s Economics Web page

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Robin Johnson was an economist based in New Zealand. His interests ranged from agricultural trade issues to the role of R&D in the agriculture and other sectors.

Robin died on 18 July 2008 at his home in Wellington, New Zealand. This page is now being maintained by Simon Johnson. Rest in peace, Robin.

This homepage provides archived copies of his papers and links to electronic materials. The papers here fall into several broad categories: research and development, institutional economics and policy, dairy farming, property rights, economic statistics, food safety and trade, food demand and family history.

Robin wrote more than 100 papers over a period of 50 years. Here is an incomplete list of Robin's publications. It will be updated.

If you have any comments or queries about Robin's work or this site, please contact me, Simon Johnson at actrix dot co dot en zed or at johnson r 1 at paradise dot co dot nz.