12 May 2009

Robin's web page is moving.

Robin's home page is now being hosted by Telstra-Clear's Paradise free web hosting service. Robin's email address for many years was via Clear, then Paradise. So we are eligible for some free hosting. Thank you Paradise.

Yahoo is closing all the 'free' Geocities home pages. I won't miss Yahoo Geocities. I am looking forward to advertisement-free web pages that print easily and that can be validated with the W3C. Valid html mark-up is mangled as soon as it is uploaded as the Yahoo Geocities server inserts bizarre scripts to display the advertisements panel. I agree with this Geocities user on CNET reviews: terrible long-term choice...No tool that creates code this strange should be given a favorable rating without some serious qualifiers.

Other comments on Yahoo Geocities include; terrible, horrific, could only be worse if the power went out, and that Yahoo Geocities is inept, incompetent, imbecilic, wretched in every respect, and utterly breathtaking in the sheer breadth of suckage.