17 May 2013

A Northern Crossing of the Tararua Range with Robin in 1987

Last night I was sorting through some of Robin's many photographs.

I found some great photos of us tramping in the Tararua Range in 1987, 25 years ago.

It was more or less on Robin's 60th birthday, which was 19 December 1987. We did a Northern Crossing, from the west or Otaki/Levin side out to the east or Masterton side of the range.

That is me and Robin outside Arete Hut No. 2. I guess we met some one who took this photo. I still have that fairydown jacket.

This is just me outside Arete Hut No. 2 on 20 December 1987. I have changed jacket. Did Robin take that photo? 

This is me approaching the old Tarn Ridge Hut (old) (aka Blatchford Memorial Hut) on 20 December 1987.  
This is me outside the old Tarn Ridge Hut on 21 December 1987.  

This is a sequence of three photos that I took from Girdlestone Trig. They show Robin walking down the ridge towards Mitre Peak, with bright light shining off the wind-swept tussock grass, with Table Ridge in the mid background and the Bannister Waingawa ridge in the far background.

This is me at the old Mitre Flats Hut on 21 December 1987.