07 September 2010

Canterbury earthquake links

Here are some cool Canterbury Earthquake links

Relive your sleepless night.
Christchurch earthquake map

Bob Parker did it and he is a lizard. Did I mention he is an alien?
Bob Parker Engineered the Earth quake

See the Canterbury earthquake page on Wikipedia.
A substantive 78-footnote page has sprouted in 4 days.
Canterbury earthquake

Secret government geo-engineering vis vapour trails.
New Zealand Chem Trails

02 September 2010

Delayers against elephants

A new group is on the political scene. "Delayers against elephants", protecting your family's right to pollution from fake elephants.

The Elephant in the room

What did I do at lunch time today? I was out with Tom Bennion as he walked up and down Lambton Quay in Wellington's CBD, in an elephant suit holding a sign saying "Time to stop flying".

The elephant in the room being Climate change.

Tom had released a media statement about why he did it.

01 September 2010

Iraq A trillion-dollar catastrophe

Simon Jenkins writes in the Guardian that the invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the United States and the United Kingdom was and is A trillion dollar catastrophe.

Jenkins notes:

Two million remain abroad as refugees from seven years of anarchy, with another 2 million internally displaced. Ironically, almost all Iraqi Christians have had to flee.

Jenkins does not hold back.
It was a wild overreaction by a paranoid, overmilitarised American state to a single spectacular, but inconsequential, act of terrorism on 9/11. As such it illustrated how little international relations have advanced since the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo. Its exponents are still blinded by incident.

I could not agree more.