11 June 2010

James Hansen 22 years of testimony

I just found a 2008 Guardian article by James Hansen noting the 20th anniversary of his 1988 testimony to the US Congress. The good old Guardian have left us a PDF of it.

Actually now its the 22nd anniversary. That's a two year old newspaper I'm surfing.

03 June 2010

Requiem for a Species

I am currently reading;
Well actually I had a brief look at:

Clive Hamilton (2010). Requiem for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth about Climate Change. Allen & Unwin. pp. 103–105. ISBN 1742372104. .

01 June 2010

Whiff of self-interest

Vernon Small has written a good article in today's Dominion Post Whiff of self-interest in ETS air, noting the blatant self-interest of farmers being cultivated by the ACT Party as they stir up trouble over the impending New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.

Small notes In truth, farmers are bleating from a position of extreme privilege. They are having a "dream run" as greenhouse gas emissions from pastoral stock (48% of NZ's total) do not enter the NZETS until 2015.

He quotes Dr Jan Wright, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, saying that the biggest flaw in the NZETS is the high on-going level of free allocation of carbon credits/emission units that will be given to trade-exposed emissions-intensive industries.