14 February 2010

Russell Norman has the best Orwellian sound bites, like the Avatar bad guys

Russell Norman, the Green Party Co-leader, has the best one-liners on on Key and Brownlee's intention to open up more conservation areas to mining.

As John Key said "it is my expectation that the Government will ...make significant changes to Schedule 4" (the schedule of the Crown Minerals Act 1991 that prohibits mining in some conservation areas).

Recall that Key had said that the natural environment could be improved by the combination of more mining and a new conservation fund. In his address in reply speech, Norman described Key's language as 'Orwellian', that Key's logic was; In order to save the environment we have to destroy it.

Back in January, Norman compared Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee to the bad (mining) guys in the film Avatar, because of Brownlee's enthusiasm for mining conservation areas.

Way to go, Russell!

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