23 March 2010

Like a postage stamp on Eden Park

Gerry Brownlee was on TV1 'Close Up' last night and on 'Morning Report' today using his best new soundbite. The magnitude of the area of conservation land that will be opened to mining will be "like a postage stamp on Eden Park".

I sent off this email to Morning Report.


Subject: Gerry Brownlee Mining

Last year, Dr Jan Wright, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, recommended that the Government legislate to ensure 111 old mining licences be brought under the RMA. National and Gerry Brownlee completely ignored her.
Therefore, RATIONALLY speaking, Gerry Brownlee and National have absolutely no credibility in declaring mining of conservation areas to be environmentally responsible.

Yours sincerely"

The failure to action the PCE's recommendation shows to me that National have no real interest in mitigating the environmental effects of mining. Their talk of mitigation and compensation is just greenwashing to assist the mining industry.

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