01 July 2010

New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme stage 2

Today, the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme moves to 'stage 2'.

That is to say, today several sectors of the NZ economy 'enter' the NZ ETS.

'Participants' in the sectors stationary energy, industrial processes and liquid fossil fuels, now have obligations to obtain and surrender emission units to match their emissions.

Remember 'stage 1' started in 1 January 2008 with forestry, who are be a net sink of emissions, not a source. In other words, 'afforestation' since 1990 has been able to earn emission units for carbon sequestration. So 'stage 2' is significant as several sectors that are major sources of greenhouse gases now have mandatory obligations.

According to this Wikipedia tool, 1,011 people in June considered it worth at least browsing to the wikipedia page on the NZ ETS.

And on 30 June, yesterday (Tuesday ), 91 people browsed the NZ ETS wikipedia page.

Its not many is it? More surprising, on Monday 28 June, 3 days before the start of 'stage 2' of the NZETS, not a single person checked the wikipedia page.

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