27 August 2010

The Daft New Zealand Energy Strategy

Have you seen this chart from James Hansen's website? I have included it in my submission on the National Government's Daft Energy Strategies

Draft Energy Strategies
Ministry of Economic Development,
PO Box 1473
Wellington 6140

Submission on Draft New Zealand Energy Strategy and Draft New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please accept this submission in respect of the Draft New Zealand Energy Strategy and the Draft New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy.
I attach a chart of the trend in historic global fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions and future IPCC emissions scenarios. I obtained it from the website of the NASA climate scientist James Hansen.
I see nothing in either strategy that will help reduce the trend in emissions growth.
I see next to nothing in either strategy that recognises the magnitude of the challenge of anthropogenic climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions (including carbon dioxide from fossil fuels).
Neither strategy even mentions;
  • the UNFCCC which NZ has signed,
  • the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report,
  • the Kyoto Protocol which is binding on NZ,
  • NZ's energy intensity,
  • NZ's actual emissions.
Therefore, I oppose the adoption of both strategies because they are wholly inadequate in setting out any realistic measures to decarbonise the economy.
I request that there should only be one New Zealand energy strategy, that is directed to decarbonising the economy, and that is focused on efficiency and conservation, as required by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act 2000.

The closing deadline for submissions is 5.00pm, Thursday 2 September 2010.

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