22 February 2011

Robins Primus 71 stove

Robin's tramping and climbing stove is a 1955 Swedish Primus 71.

The website "Classic Camp Stoves" has a gallery of Primus 71 stoves.

Robin's stove set includes a cylinder-shaped stand and a pot that doubles as a container for the stove. That is in distinction to the Primus 71 stoves that have a square 'tea caddy' shaped stand and container but without a pot.

It still works. I started it yesterday. Robin bought it new in the 1950s in Christchurch when he was very actively mountaineering with the Canterbury Mountaineering Club (CMC).

I have fond memories of the stove's roaring sound as it cooked our "de-hi" curry on many a tramp with Robin in the 1970s and 1980s.

Here is a video of lighting a Primus 71.

Here is a You Tube instructional video, helpfully in Swedish, on how to light a Primus 71.

This is a gallery about Primus 71 stoves.

Primus stoves can be dated via a stamp on the base. Robin's stove is stamped 'AU' on the bottom, which confirms 1955.

There are more shiny primus photos at Google. Are they not beautiful?

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