24 June 2012

Post card from Skin and Blister on the Euro debt crisis

My sister has lived in Crete for the last two years, which is of course part of Greece. Thats after 25 years in England. Her accent is Estuary English. If you met her, you would think that she is English and probably from East London or Essex, from her accent and peroxided blonde hair. I email her most days with reports on the health of our mother, Ruth. The other day I emailed her about the Greek elections. I had observed that the Greek elections had led the NZ media cycle for a day or so; mostly in a "News for Gerbils" sort of way. Will the Euro be saved? Will the Euro affect NZ exports?.
Lots of breathless news ("Will the Eurozone be saved") about the Greek elections and the swearing in of the new Prime Minister Mr Samaras. OMG. Is it much of a deal where you are?
Her reply was:
re: Greece, all a bit subdued here. We are not Athens or the mainland however so its always been (or seemed) a bit remote here. BIG football game on tomorrow night. however. Euro 2012. Greece versus Germany!! apparently Angela Merkel is going to it and will be in the stands.
Never mind the Greek economic situation, lets watch the football! I understand that Greece was thrashed by the German team 6 - 2. Here are Clarke and Dawe on the economics of the European sovereign debt crisis. I dedicate this to my apolitical sister.

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