23 May 2014

Bill McKibben - opening up space for change on the scale that physics requires

Bill McKibben has followed up his Maths of global warming with a great new article in Rolling Stone titled  A Call to Arms: An Invitation to Demand Action on Climate Change.

McKibben and 350.org.nz are planning a huge demonstration in New York to coincide with the September meeting of the United Nations.

McKibben on Barack Obama.

Sure, he's imposed new mileage standards for cars, but he's also opened vast swaths of territory to oil drilling and coal mining, which will take us past Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world's biggest petro producer.

McKibben on deniers and delayers.

In a rational world, no one would need to march. In a rational world, policymakers would have heeded scientists when they first sounded the alarm 25 years ago. But in this world, reason, having won the argument, has so far lost the fight. The fossil-fuel industry, by virtue of being perhaps the richest enterprise in human history, has been able to delay effective action, almost to the point where it's too late.

McKibben on the message from the scientists

"What exactly don't you understand about what we've been telling you for a quarter-century?"

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