17 June 2017

New Zealand greenhouse gases by sector from the inventory

I have made another chart from the New Zealand's Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990–2015 released the other week by the Ministry for the Environment.

It shows the greenhouse gas emissions by sectors of the economy. It includes 'negative' emissions, more properly called carbon removals, or carbon sequestration or simply carbon sinks. This is the sum of all the carbon dioxide taken out of the atmosphere by the sector of the economy called Land use, Land use change and Forestry.

Here is the chart.

This time I took a more traditional R approach to getting the the data into R from the Excel file CRF summary data.xlsx.

First, I used opened an X terminal window, and used the Linux wget command to download the spreadsheet "2017 CRF Summary data.xlsx" to a folder called "/nzghg2015".

I then used ssconvert (which is part of Gnumeric) to split the Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheet into comma-separated values files.

The Excel spreadsheet had 3 work sheets, 2 with data, and 1 that was empty. So there's now a .csv file for each sheet, even the empty sheet. And we read in the .csv file for emissions by sector.

The final step is to make the chart.

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